Spacecraft Operations Engineer - Rosetta



Rosetta Mission Operations

Required Start Date

July 2012


December 2015 

Submission Deadline

15th of May 2012



ESOC, Darmstadt


Technical Requirements

Demonstrated system engineering experience

Understanding of interplanetary mission operations

Understanding of spacecraft Avionics architecture (data handling and AOCS)

Understanding of Flight Control Team tasks and responsibilities pre- and post-launch

Understanding of ground systems and facilities required to support spacecraft operations including the area of mission planning

Be fluent in English, both spoken and written

Be able to work as a member of an interdisciplinary team

Be able to work independently with little or no supervision

Academic Requirements


This service requires a person with University (or similar) degree in engineering or physics together with a good professional experience of several years in Mission Operations.


Specific Requirements

Strong educational background in engineering or science


Background on AOCS


Hands-on experience in spacecraft operations, in particular in the area of Avionics


Hands-on experience in ground systems integration and testing


Hands-on experience in the configuration of complex mission planning systems


Knowledge of the S2K environment and its database structure


Familiarity with the ESOC environment


Good spacecraft subsystem knowledge


Operational experience with interplanetary missions


Hands-on experience in satellite integration and testing


Capability to independently develop small SW tools


Background information


LSE Space is looking for an experienced Spacecraft  Operations Engineer in order to support the Rosetta Mission Control Team at ESOC in Darmstadt.

The main tasks of the position will be:

The Rosetta Mission Control Team requires a Spacecraft Operations Engineer to prepare and conduct the mission operations at the comet. The selected candidate will report to the Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager.

The SOE will take part in the typical tasks of mission preparation and implementation of the relevant Ground Segment during the preparation required for the comet phase and will support the Flight Operations after wake-up in 2014 carrying out all standard SOE tasks:

•        Familiarize with the Rosetta mission characteristics and support operational analyses of the mission

•        Support to the porting, development, integration and validation of the ground systems and facilities required for Rosetta including all elements of the mission data systems.

•        Provide operations support to the Spacecraft Operations Manager at Systems & Spacecraft level for mission management and mission planning.

•        Prepare and validate nominal and contingency procedures for flight and for spacecraft testing on ground.

•        Support the SOVs, Ground Segment Integration Tests, Training and Simulations.

•        Participate in all flight operations following the wake-up

•        Support in-flight operations, including nominal, critical, contingency and on-call support.

•        Support off-line evaluation of the spacecraft in-flight performance

•        Support maintenance of on-board software for the assigned areas

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