Spacecraft Analyst


Rosetta, Venus Express and Mars Express 

Required Start Date



To be agreed

Submission Deadline

15 October 2011


ESOC, Darmstadt


Technical Requirements

The Analyst will be integrated in the existing Analysts group that is currently supporting the interplanetary missions operations of Rosetta, Venus Express and Mars Express. The same group will gradually cover also the support of missions in preparation like BepiColombo, ExoMars and Solar Orbiter. The applicant will be primarily assigned to one mission, but will be asked to support the other missions as back-up Analyst and to share variations of workload within the Analysts group.
The Analyst will be required to support the relevant Spacecraft Operations Managers (SOM) as a member of the Flight Control Teams (FCT) during ground segment development and validation and flight nominal and contingency operations. This includes the following tasks:

- Maintenance of S/C TM/TC operational data base, related tools and procedures under strict configuration control.

- Develop and maintain any small SW tool (MS-EXCEL, MS-ACCESS, Visual Basics) that may be required for efficient and effective conduct of flight planning and preparation tasks
- Applying configuration control procedures for documentation in use for all operational tasks and duties under his supervision.
- Responsibility for the transmission and tracking of operational instructions to the SPACON team and ensuring their compliance.
- Responsibility of the organisation, training and operational readiness of the controllers assigned to the mission.
- Supervision of routine operations and any others authorised by the SOM, following established rules and procedures.
- Introduction and maintenance of appropriate working practises and procedures for routine and problem reporting, data analysis, recording and maintenance of system status, recording of operational activities.
- Collect information / data regarding the execution of the mission and provide inputs for the various mission reports.
- In case of ground or space segment anomaly providing first level contingency recovery support.
- Provide spacecraft control support in case of special operations where the SPACONs complement assigned to the mission is not in a position to cover the needs (this task is expected to be necessary for very limited periods of time)
- Support data archiving and mission run down activities.

The applicant is required to familiarise with the missions he is supporting and in particular with the procedures and tools that are needed to perform the routine Spacecraft control operationsHe/she may be required to develop and install suitable tools to allow the efficient execution of the operational tasks. The Analyst may be required to analyse the system operations and to prepare procedures, and will certainly be involved in the validation and testing of both the control system and the operational procedures. The applicant will take part in test campaigns and simulations, and arrange for the participation of the controllers. The applicant will conduct regular operational readiness training and simulations with controllers (proficiency training).

Specific Requirements Applicants should have:
- a basic knowledge/understanding of ESOC Ground Segment Operations and ESOC Ground Segment Components
- a good experience with office automation tools, including MS-EXCEL and MS-ACCESS (use of functions, queries, macros, reports, input forms, etc.)
- some programming experience, possibly with Visual Basic and/or SQL
- basic knowledge of ORACLE
- good communication skills and team spirit
- a good knowledge of the English language
Knowledge of spacecraft control systems such as SCOS 2000 is highly desirable.
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