Simulations Officer

You will be responsible for developing the training concept and the associated Simulation Plan to train the Mission Control Team, in order to prepare them for the launch or other critical phases of a mission. This includes planning and developing failure cases of increasing difficulty to be introduced into the simulations, in order to train the Mission Control Team in non-nominal operations and application of mission rules.

You will also be involved with the operational training of other staff, including but not limited to Ground Operations Managers and Ground Facilities Control Centre operators. Your role requires familiarisation with both the space and ground segment. You will also be involved with general training and simulation activities.

For a particular mission, the Prime Simulations Officer is responsible for the delivery of training to the Mission Control Team, supported by a Deputy Simulations Officer. The Deputy Simulations Officer is responsible for supporting the Prime Simulations Officer in the delivery of training. This includes assistance with simulator breakpoint preparation, testing of contingencies, writing briefing and debriefing messages and running simulations.

You will also assist with general training and simulation activities. To support the Prime Officer in building up simulation officer specific skills and knowledge, a tutor will guide you on the first mission assignment.

  • You will support the Flight Operations Director during the operational validation process by:
  • Preparing the Simulations Plan.
  • Ensuring adequacy and timely readiness of test resources (tools, configuration and people) operational validation, and in particular for the simulation campaign.
  • Organising the Operational Validation Campaign Briefing and acting as a secretary for all simulations campaign related meetings, in particular the simulations briefing and debriefing.
  • Organising each simulation, recording any related action, maintaining their status and following them until close-out.
  • Providing simulations campaign status report to the Flight Operations Director for the Operations Readiness Board, and subsequently for establishing the operational readiness decision.
  • Organising mission specific and on-console training sessions for the mission control team.
  • Preparing, organising and participating, as secretary, to the Operations Readiness Review; producing the Simulation Campaign report.

Academic requirements: a University (or similar) degree in engineering or physics or similar discipline.

Specific requirements: a good professional experience in spacecraft and/or operational applications, preferably also in the area of training.


  • Good spacecraft knowledge on a subsystem level.
  • Experience in working in an operational environment.
  • Ability to understand and accurately predict behaviour of complex systems.
  • Be fluent in English, both in speech and writing.
  • Self-starter, able to work independently with little or no supervision.
  • Pro-active and confident personality with good persuasive skills.
  • Team-player, able to interface with technical and management personnel.
  • Well-organised, able to prioritise and manage several tasks in parallel.
  • Interest in operational training.


  • Experience in operational training.
  • Familiarity with operational simulators, ideally SimSat.
  • Familiarity with satellite control systems, ideally SCOS2000.
  • Knowledge of operations.
  • Experience with pre-launch activities and launch campaigns.
  • Experience in instructional design methodologies.
  • Familiarity with effective teamwork principles and team building aspects.