Network Specialist (m/f)



Maintenance Service for Network Equipment

Required Start Date

May 2014 



Submission Deadline

4th April 2014


EUMETSAT - Darmstadt

Technical Requirements

LSE Space is looking for an experienced Network Specialist (m/f) in order to provide Maintenance Service for Network Equipment for our customer EUMETSAT in Darmstadt/Germany.

The Network Specialist will be the single interface for the provision of the maintenance service elements listed hereafter. This interface is used for the administration of the items under maintenance and for trouble ticket handling.

The tasks of the position include in particular:

•   Hardware replacement service;

•   Software/Firmware maintenance service;

•   License handling service;

•   On-site support for critical operations or special installations;

•   On-site support for software or firmware installation;

•   Support to inventory activities;

•   Hardware Replacement Service: Create, administer and maintain an inventory of hardware

items used inside EUMETSAT's operational network infrastructure (mainly CISCO);

•   Software/Firmware Maintenance Service: Provide, for all software and firmware running on the supported equipment, upgrades and patches up to and including the latest versions released and make available to EUMETSAT on-line access to the equipment manufacturer, allowing EUMETSAT to download software;

•   License Handling Service: Comply with vendor's licensing processes, as far as required for providing the software/firmware update service; Inform EUMETSAT about relevant license registration and maintenance procedures, necessary to obtain software/firmware updates; Track license expiry dates and inform EUMETSAT in advance of necessary actions. Where applicable, include the cost of licenses maintenance in the service; Follow registration process changes and inform EUMETSAT if needed; Advise on required/relevant license upgrades/changes/trade-ins in order to keep the maintained systems up-to-date.

Academic Requirements

Academic and work related requirements: A University degree or equivalent in Engineering, Physics, Computer Sciences or a related discipline is required.

Specific Requirements  


• Significant hands-on experience with CISCO network technology

• Good interpersonal skills.

Perfect command of English, verbal and written. Knowledge of French would be an asset.


Background information


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