MSG-3 CDMU Spacecraft Operations Engineer




Required Start Date

September 2011



MSG-3 Launch + 4 weeks


Submission Deadline




ESOC, Darmstadt


Technical Requirements

The MSG-3 Mission Control Team requires an experienced Spacecraft Operations Engineer to prepare and conduct the mission operations. The selected candidate will report to the MSG-3 Spacecraft Operations Manager (or deputy).


The SOE will take part in the typical tasks of mission preparation and implementation of the relevant Ground Segment during the Mission Preparation Phase and will support the Flight Operations during LEOP until formal handover to Eumetsat, carrying out all standard SOE tasks:

  • Familiarize with the MSG-3 LEOP mission characteristics and support operational analyses of the mission
  • Support to the Integration and validation of the ground systems and facilities required for MSG-3.
  • Provide operations support to the Spacecraft Operations Manager at Systems & Spacecraft level for mission management and mission planning.
  • Prepare and validate nominal and contingency procedures for flight and for spacecraft testing on ground.
  • Support the SVT, Ground Segment Integration Tests, Training and Simulations.
  • Support the formal reviews of the ground segment preparation, as required
  • Participate in LEOP and handover operations
  • Support off-line evaluation of the spacecraft in-flight performance and LEOP reporting


The SOE will focus in particular on CDMU and OBSM. Depending on the workload and the composition of the team, the SOE will also support other areas, such as cross-training on other subsystems, MIMIC creation or other activities.


It should be noted that there exists considerable heritage from MSG-1 and -2. This means that there is less procedure development from scratch compared with what is seen on new missions. Rather the work will be biased towards porting/tuning and re-validation of existing procedures, validation of new elements of infrastructure, team- training and simulations.


The VN foresees a variable manpower profile, starting at 50% in September and rising progressively through SVT-1 to 100% for the second half of the sims campaign and for the LEOP. Other profiles may be possible for the suitably experienced candidate.

Academic Requirements

Candidates should hold a University degree in Engineering, Science or related subjects and relevant professional experience in spacecraft operations.


Specific Requirements


  • Hands-on experience in spacecraft operations
  • Familiarity with the ESOC FCT environment
  • Familiarity with SCOS2000
  • Fluency in English
  • Be able to work independently with little or no supervision
  • Be able to work efficiently within both the variable profile proposed and the pressured environment of LEOP preparation and flight


  • Familiarity with MIB databases would be an advantage (ability to back-up the analyst).
  • Prior experience with MSG LEOPs would be an advantage.
  • Prior experience with MSG LEOPs would be an advantage

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