Administrative Assistant



ISS Management Support

Required Start Date

April 2012





Submission Deadline




ESTEC, Nordwijk, The Netherlands


Technical Requirements

The main tasks of the position will be:


  • Organise and prepare planning sessions for the HSO-IC division, and maintain and communicate the division Plan to include performance meetings, status meetings, change control meetings, risk management and internal lessons-learned sessions;
  • Maintain and co-ordinate management products for the division, including internal Action Log, Decisions Log, Risks and Issues Log, Lessons Learned Log, based on the above meetings
  • Support the head of HSO-IC in organizing, preparing and running various scheduled and adhoc meetings and reviews, both internally and with the industrial prime contractor;
  • Review and correctly document internal division procedures and processes, to maintain standards in line with ISO 9001 requirements, and ensure the success of the division’s strategic goals (e.g. timely evaluation of industrial proposals);
  • Maintaining a documentation management system for the exchange of formal documents and correspondence;
  • Generating progress/status reports as required for pier groups and higher management;
  • Providing support to the evaluation of industrial proposals;

Academic Requirements

Academic and work related requirements: Suitable candidates should demonstrate expertise in project management / business administration. Several years of work experience in a similar position will be required. 
Specific Requirements

Additional skills required:

  • demonstrate strong project management skills
  • demonstrate diligence and strict attention to detail
  • be highly disciplined and personable
Fluent in English, both in speech and writing


Background information

The holder of the post reports directly to the head of the Columbus Operations Divison (HSO-IC) and is in charge of the documentation management, meetings organization and follow-up, proposals evaluation.


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