LEO FOS Engineer
Project Sentinel-3 Ground Segment

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Darmstadt - ESOC

Technical Requirements

LSE Space AG is looking for an experienced Satellite Systems Operations Engineer, to support our customer in Darmstadt, Germany. The support services will cover the relevant space segment operations engineering activities related to:

- Requirements analysis and operational concept development.
- Space Segment mission operations data production and validation
- Mission Planning mission operations data production and validation
- Operational validation
- Support to LEOP and Satellite In-Orbit Validation operations
- Conduct of EUMETSAT System commissioning operations.

Academic Requirements

University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.

Specific Requirements

The applicant responsible for performing this service shall have at least 5 years of experience of spacecraft and related ground segment operations, in particular:

- Experience of Ground Segment System Operations to support Low Earth Orbit (LEO), 3-Axis Stabilised Spacecraft with key expertise in one or more areas of the ground segment areas (e.g. System, M&C, Flight Dynamics, Simulator, TT&C station, interfaces) during operation preparation, LEOP, commissioning and routine operations phases,
- Development and maintenance of complex operational ground systems, preferably for remote sensing spacecraft;
- System and Interfaces Engineering / AIT experience for the development of major upgrades / new ground systems in a high availability 24/7 operational environment;
- Satellite monitoring and control systems;
- Full development cycle of large systems, from the definition of requirements to system design and operations;
- Investigation into anomalies, their documentation, classification and correction/mitigation, participation in Anomaly Review Boards and, where applicable, Operations
- Incident investigation and review activities;
- Familiarity with the ECSS standards.

Experience with development and validation of operational ground segment and associated operations procedures for nominal and contingency- recovery cases.
Familiarity with procedure Change control and configuration management of ground segment operational systems.
Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the personnel responsible for performing this service to have experience with some of the following:

- Definition, management and traceability of complex requirements structure; experience in the use of tools (e.g. DOORS);
- Definition of operations interfaces and processes with external partners;
- Automated (Mission Planned) operations;
- Development of system analysis, reporting and monitoring tools;
- Space – Ground Interface definition;
- Experience with modern satellite M&C systems (e.g. SCOS2K control system);
- Expert knowledge in development, maintenance and operation of medium to large size applications;
- Expert knowledge and proven application of development using Java, Perl, Oracle, operating system scripting languages, and XML technologies.

The personnel responsible for performing this service shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner, shall be able to work calmly and correctly under stress and must be able to work with the minimum of supervision.

The working language for the activities covered by this post is English and therefore the Contractor must be able to work effectively in this language and have knowledge of the other.

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