Hyperspectral Infrared Sounding L2 Consultancy Support (m/f)




Required Start Date

May 2014 



Submission Deadline

13th April 2014 


Darmstadt - EUMETSAT

Technical Requirements

The HSIRL2 team is responsible for the scientific development, maintenance, validation and routine monitoring of hyper-spectral infrared atmospheric sounding products in support of the development and operations of EUMETSAT's geostationary and polar orbiting systems. The tasks include the implementation, maintenance, evolution, testing, validation and monitoring of existing and future retrieval and monitoring algorithms and their products, with a main focus on the future MTG-IRS (Meteosat Third Generation Infrared Sounder).

The tasks of the position include in particular:

·         Release and validation of new versions of the MTG-IRS L2 prototype

·         Integration and verification of external software deliveries in the prototype processor

·         Software anomaly fixing

·         Code optimisation

·         Development and documentation of prototype software and test procedures

·         Generation of test data

·         Statistical analysis and visualisation of hyper-spectral infrared Level 2 products

·         Support the transfer and exchange of the expertise developed with IRS L2 to the other hyper-spectral infrared missions (IASI and IASI-NG)

·         Retrieval algorithm specification, validation and tuning

·         Prototype L2 monitoring facilities

Academic Requirements

A University degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, astrophysics, meteorology or remote sensing.
Specific Requirements

Sound experience in these fields is expected:

·                    Scientific computing;

·                    Numerical algorithms;

·                    Development and testing of complex scientific software;

·                    Handling and processing of big amounts of data

·                    Object oriented techniques for scientific computing

·                    Software tools for revision control

·                    Very good skills in a high level programming language, preferably C++

·                    Advanced use of data analysis and visualisation with tools like Perl Data Language (PDL), Matlab, IDL or equivalent; preferably with satellite data

Experience in some of the following areas is expected:

·                    Inverse problems

·                    Principal component analysis

·                    Further mathematical modelling techniques (non-linear optimization, regression, neural networks, Kalman filters, etc.)

·                    Familiarity with satellite data, preferably from IASI or other hyper-spectral infrared instruments

·                    Use of radiative transfer models

·                    Retrieval of atmospheric parameters from infrared and/or microwave radiances

·                    Data formats and libraries such as HDF5 and NetCDF

·                    Software testing

·                    Validation and visualization of satellite products

·                    Software libraries for numerical linear algebra and similar subroutines

·                    Experience with further programming relevant languages and tools such as Perl, Python, Java, etc.

·                    Multi-threads programming

The Key Person shall have good interpersonal skills. He/she shall have the ability to write concise and comprehensive scientific/technical reports.

The Key Person shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and structured manner, shall be able to work calmly and correctly under stress. The ability to pay attention to details is mandatory, especially in the context of thorough software verification before release. The Key Person must be able to work with the minimum of supervision.


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