Ground Segment Engineer (m/f)



Ground Station Engineering Support to EPS-SG Ground Segment Team


Required Start Date

June 2014 



Submission Deadline

8th May 2014 



Technical Requirements xxxx

Academic Requirements

A University degree in an engineering discipline is required.

Specific Requirements


·         System Engineering practices and experience of requirements engineering (Phase B) of large and complex LEO ground stations;

·         Ground stations system and subsystem design for TT&C, mission specific and satellite communications ground stations (e.g Cortex TTC subsystem );

·         Technical background in the specification and V&V of large antennas and tracking systems (ACU and receivers inclusive);

·         TT&C baseband equipment (including ranging systems) and SLE compliant implementations;

·         Specification and implementation of Mission Data Acquisition baseband equipment;

·         Local and Remote M&C system for ground stations;

·         System experience with Link budget analysis and tools in S, X and Ka Band.


Knowledge and experience with the following is considered an advantage:


·         CGMS Global Specifications for Direct Broadcast services;

·         Knowledge of ECSS Standards, and in particular ECSS Engineering Standards in the area of RF and modulation standards;

·         Knowledge of CCSDS Recommendations, in particular in the area of RF and modulation standards as well as Space Link Extensions related recommendation;

·         Knowledge of services providers in the area of Ground Stations;

·         Specification and system performances of In Orbit Test systems in support of Satellite In Orbit Verification (SIOV) activities (RF related) for Earth Observation satellites (preferably LEO systems);

·         LEO ground stations maintenance requirements and constraints;

·         Industry "best practices" on maintenance policies and procedures for ground stations supporting operational programmes (24/7).

·         Knowledge and experience with the following is considered beneficial:

·         Experience in use of requirements management and traceability tools (e.g. DOORS ) ;

·         Experience in the use of modelling and design tools in support of architectural design activities (e.g. CORE);

·         Experience with the Microsoft Office Suite, including MS-Visio.



Background information

LSE Space is looking for an experienced Engineer (m/f) in order to fulfill the duty of

Ground Station Engineering Support to EPS-SG Ground Segment Team

for our customer EUMETSAT in Darmstadt/Germany.

As a member of the Ground Segment (G/S) team, the Key Person shall provide support to the EPS-SG G/S requirements analysis, architecture design and requirement implementation of the G/S ground stations as part of the EPS-SG System. The duties range from the analysis, design, installation, and testing of the ground stations. This may include support to the procurement of hardware and software, and the co-ordination with external service providers. The tasks will nominally cover the entire development lifecycle.

The tasks of the position include in particular:

·         Support to the generation of ground stations related EPS-SG concepts, requirements and design documentation (at the Architectural Design Level);

·         Identifying and translating the relevant EPS-SG user/system/ground segment level requirements into specific ground stations system requirements;

·         Provide support covering all aspects of the EPS-SG ground stations specification and design;

·         Provide support covering the link budgets of the EPS-SG programme;

·         Contribute to the definition of the ground segment data flows regarding the interfaces between the ground stations and the rest of the EPS-SG ground segment and/or satellites from a system engineering point of view;

·         Contribute to the preparation of the EPS-SG Validation and Verification (V&V) activities in the area of ground stations and the generation of the initial Acceptance Plan.


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