Ground Operations Engineer


ESTRACK Operations

Required Start Date

1st April 2011



Submission Deadline



ESOC -Darmstadt

Technical Requirements


For each mission that uses ESTRACK during its routine phase, an Ground Operations Engineer (GOE) is assigned in OPS-ONO.  Ground Operations Engineers are responsible for providing the ops engineering required for their mission(s) during preparation and execution phase. During the routine phase they are the first level of escalation above ECC and Scheduling Office. Their typical counterparts on the mission side are Spacecraft Operations Engineers and Analysts. There is a prime and deputy GOE for each mission.

Services to be provided

The tasks to be carried out by the Ground Operations Engineer  in this work package are:

  • Participate in the mission specific validation of ground segment elements prior to critical operations.
  • Participate, when nominated, as OM in the critical operations phases for that mission.
  • Participate in the definition of mission specific ground station configuration in the ops preparation phase and after major modifications.
  • Participate in the validation of station configuration and M&C tailoring for remote operations.
  • Define and give mission specific training to ECC staff during lifetime of mission. Participate in the certification of operators.
  • Generate and maintain mission specific Ground Operations documentation (e.g. GOP, training material) during lifetime of mission.
  • Monitor performance of ESTRACK services provided to customers and trigger corrective actions in case of degradations.
  • Initiate or conduct investigations into anomalies affecting the Ground service to the mission.
  • Participate in regular meeting with missions (e.g. WORM, ICM) or event driven meetings (e.g. MRBs).

In addition to these mission and service dedicated tasks, GOEs may be charged with specific facility or tools orientated duties. Latter are typically related to the definition, development and validation of new technical systems for ESTRACK operations.

Academic Requirements

Bachelor or higher degree in a technical field related to ESTRACK operations.

Specific Requirements

Candidates should have several years of experience in operating ground station networks.  As a preference they should have a thorough understanding of the technical systems related to ESTRACK and partner networks and be familiar with the ESOC working environment. Knowledge or experience in mission operations, i.e. the ESTRACK customer side,  would be an asset.

Though an experienced Engineer is preferred cases a Junior Engineer could be accepted if he / she is capable to build up the relevant expertise in an acceptable period.

The proven ability of candidates to work independently in a technically complex and multinational environment is a prerequisite.