Ground Facilities Support Engineer
Required Start Date 01.09.2010
Duration 31.12.2011
Submission Deadline 28.07.2010
Location ESOC
Technical Requirements The objective of this work package is to provide engineering support related to the ongoing modernisation of the ESTRACK and Operations Control Centre (ECC and OCC).

The tasks to be carried out by the incumbent in this work package are in particular:
  • Technical support related to the ECC and OCC evolution: Display Area Management System:
    • Definition and conduct of validation campaigns and documentation thereof during the concept proofing phase
    • Generating an architectural baseline document
    • Conduct market surveys
    • Generating an implementation plan
    • Technical support to the implementation
    • Participation in acceptance testing
  • Engineering support to general OCC system matters (Voice, Video, Timing System)
  • Engineering support to general ECC sub-system including but not limited to NCTRS, NIS, SATT, SLETT, EMS, SunRay appliances:
    • Deployment and validation
    • Documentation
    • Configuration control
  • Support to technical coordination by H/ONI (minutes of coordination meetings, mainting of corresponding databases, project plans)
Academic Requirements Engineering degree.
Specific Requirements Candidate should be familiar with ESOC working environment and have a sound understanding of the technical systems used by the ECC and OCC operations (voice, video, remote STC types, NCTRS, pass viewer, SATT,…).

The offered support will generally have the qualities:
  • Good knowledge of the SunRay technology is a prerequisite.
  • Elementary understanding of ground segment operations would be an asset.
  • Familiarity with operational environment
  • Be fluent in English, both in speech and writing
  • Solid test procedures, equipment and tools background
  • Ability to understand and accurately predict behaviour of complex systems
  • Self-starter, able to work independently with little or no supervision
  • Pro-active and confident personality with good persuasive skills
  • Team-player, able to interface with technical and management personnel
  • Well-organised, able to prioritise and manage several tasks in parallel