Galileo Spacecraft Operations Preparation and Execution Engineer



Galileo FOC Operations Services

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Technical Requirements

The main tasks of the position will be:

·         Flight Operations Procedures (FOP) preparation

·         Writing of procedures

·         Adaption of procedures to new databases and procedures delivered by industry

·         Definition validation scenarios

·         FOP validation, testing, result reporting

·         Preparation of and participation in SVTs and simulations

·         Test and validation of operational items like CSIM, ASW, ODB, SCCF, MOIS

·         Participation in and provision of training (spacecraft subsystems, Ops tools, Ops concepts)

·         Anomaly Reports handling (writing, action processing, support of review boards)

·         Operations Support

·         Support of routine, special and contingency operations during PF Commissioning,

·         IOT and routine phase inclusive provision of shift and on-call support

·         Provision of on-call service for the assigned subsystems during routine phase

·         Offline analysis of the subsystem performance

·         Delivery of FOP and FOP Validation Test reports

·         Delivery and analysis of weekly and operations reports

Academic Requirements

·         University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline

·         demonstrated experience of spacecraft development and operations

Specific Requirements

·         System-minded and a team player

·         Able to work in an interdisciplinary team

·         Self-starter, able to work independently with little or no supervision

·         Fluent in English, both in speech and writing


Background information

LSE Space is looking for an experienced Spacecraft Engineer in Munich (m/f) in order to provide support to Galileo FOC Operations Services in Oberpfaffenhofen.

The Galileo Spacecraft Operations Preparation and Execution Engineer will be involved in the preparation, validation and execution of spacecraft flight operations.

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