Flight Dynamics Engineer - Observatory Missions



Flight Dynamics Engineer – Observatory Missions Orbit Support

LSE Space AG is looking for Flight Dynamics Engineers, to support our customer in Darmstadt, Germany. 

We are looking for a degree educated Engineer to support our customer (ESOC) in the aspects of Flight Dynamics operations for:

–             Herschel Mission Planning and Attitude Determination and Control Operations

–             Planck Extension Flight Dynamics Support

–             INTEGRAL Operations Support: Mission Planning and Attitude Determination and Control

–             XMM-Newton Operation support: Mission Planning and Attitude Determination and Control.


–             Participate in science phase operations

–             The established interfaces and procedures have to be adhered to

–             Interface with the Flight Control Team to support all Flight Dynamics related operations


–             Perform updates and modifications of software, documentation and procedures as required

–             Maintain the software ICDs, support software design and user documentation

Under coordination of the technical officer on-call support outside working hours, during weekends and public holidays shall be provided.

During critical operations support - e.g. LEOP - 24h support has to be provided which is usually organised in shift-work. Schedule and the detailed timing of the activities will be provided by the agency in advance.

Required Start Date

1. January 2012




Submission Deadline




ESOC, Darmstadt


Technical Requirements

In-depth familiarity with applied mathematics, especially vector/matrix algebra, and numerical integration techniques

–             Sound knowledge of physics, especially mechanics

–             Familiarity with Flight Dynamics operations (operational experience) with emphasis on orbital dynamics

–             Prior experience with production of Flight Dynamics documentation and software systems.

–             High sense of operational responsibility

–             experience with UNIX,  FORTRAN 77/95, Matlab or Mathematica

–             Familiarity with Sun/Solaris and previous FD operational experience, especially Low Earth Orbit operations, are definite assets

Academic Requirements

A university degree in mathematics, physics, engineering or equivalent with high grades.

Specific Requirements

You must be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner, shall be able to work calmly and correctly under stress and must be able to work with the minimum of supervision.

The working language for the activities covered by this post is English and therefore the Contractor must be able to work effectively in this language and have knowledge of the other.


Background information

The Mission Planning sub-system itself covers the following areas:

–             Science Mission Planning Support tools (attitude constraints checker, database of observable bins)

–             Planning Skeleton File (PSF) generation

–             Enhanced Preferred Observations Sequence (EPOS) generator

–             Real-Time Operations Support

–             Planning support for AOCS calibration activities and non-routine ground segment availability (station outages)

–             Augmented Preprogrammed Pointing List (APPL) generator [P]

–             Task Parameter File (TPF) generators

 The Attitude Determination and Control sub-system covers the following areas:

–             Telemetry access and AOCS monitoring

–             Flight Dynamics Database (FDDB) maintenance

–             Attitude determination

–             AOCS sensor and actuator performance calibration

–             Attitude history file (AHF) generation and provision to scientific users.


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