Database Analyst



Galileo FOC Operations Services

Required Start Date

June 2012




Submission Deadline




GCC, Oberpfaffenhofen


Technical Requirements

The Database Analyst will be responsible for the operational database preparation and maintenance.

The main tasks of the position will be:

·         Responsibility for the Operations DB Development

·         Population of the operations database according to Database change requests

·         Validation of the DCR implementation in the SCCF

·         Debugging and correction of the operational database

·         ODB installation and activation on SCCF

·         Analysis of input SRDBs delivered by Sseg

·         Participation in the ODB CRBs

·         Participation in the SRDB NRBs

·         Participation in the SRDB acceptance process chaired by ESA

·         PoC for LEOP MOIS

·         Facility Familiarization

·         Anomaly Investigation and report generation, validation and fixes

·         Participation in the MOIS ARB

·         PoC for the Multi-Site Sync Operations Preparation facility (MSS OPF)

·         Operational Validation of MSS OPF, definition of additional requirements

·         Participation in the Flight Control Team Meetings

·         Maintenance of the Operations Product Configuration List

You will be working closely together with Spacecraft Operations Manager, Spacecraft Operations Engineers and Ground Operations Engineers of the Galileo Mission Operations Team.

Academic Requirements

-Experience in operations database population, maintenance, debugging and analysis

-Experience in Spacecraft Operations Engineering

-Experience with SCOS 2000 and MOIS

-Good communication skills in English and German

-Ability to work in a team


The following skills are considered as asset:

-Experience in Operations Procedure Preparation

-Experience in Spacecraft Operations Execution (LEOP, Commissioning, Routine, Contingency)


Specific Requirements Candidates should be system-minded and able to work as a member of an international and interdisciplinary team. Expertise of ground segment operations is highly desirable.


Background information


LSE Space is looking for a Database Analyst to support our customer DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen within the Galileo mission.

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