Cluster II Spacecraft Operations Engineer

Cluster II

Required Start Date

1st January 2012


3 years

Submission Deadline

5 October 2011



ESOC - Darmstadt

Technical Requirements

The Cluster mission is extended up to end 2014. Eclipse operations with power-down of the On Board Data Handling will remain a permanent challenge to the team and requires real time operations before and after each eclipse. The increasing eclipse length adds the need of a more complex thermal strategy. The active participation of all team members is required to prepare for each eclipse season and to perform eclipse operations. All platforms show significant signs of aging. The  propulsion, power and thermal subsystems require in future more attention: the current monitoring of their key parameters shall be complemented by trend analysis which shall be countinuoulsy updated.

The candidate SOE shall enforce the current Cluster team with 7 engineers in order to enable a more detailed forecasting of the platform performance.

The post will be assigned to support at least one platform subsystem and one instrument. The exact allocation is left open intentionally as it will depend on the candidate’s professional experience, know-how and education. The tasks allocation could change in course of the mission if need arises due to changes in the team. Tasks/responsibilities will be:

• Perform day to day monitoring of the assigned subsystem/instrument performance and health status assessment, including: anomaly investigation, its tracking & follow-up.

• Prepare/conduct/report on any manual operations (e.g. eclipse or manoeuvres operations, testing and engineering activity, etc.). This will include critical operations on console.

• Share with the other SOEs the weekly on-call duty, incl. the weekly reporting.

• Maintain the relevant procedures of the Flight Operations Plan.

Academic Requirements Applicants should have an university degree preferably in aerospace, electronics or physics.

Specific Requirements

The candidate should be system-minded and a team player able to work in an interdisciplinary team. Be fluent in English, both in speech and writing. Capability to work with MS Office suite.

The candidate should be a self-starter and team worker but also be able to work independently with little or no supervision.
Motivation and capability are expected to familiarize fast with the platform, payload and the mission control system.

Desirable skills are:

• Good general knowledge of spacecraft systems,

• Experience in spacecraft operations is highly desired,

• Familiarity with the ESOC operations environment to allow a fast start.