ATV-CC Training Manager and ESA Representative on ATV Operational Planning

ATV Operations

Required Start Date

1st November 2011


No fixed end defined

Submission Deadline

23 September 2011



ATV-CC Toulouse

Technical Requirement

The contractor shall provide support and expertise to the ATV Operations Section in the organisation of the ATV-CC Training Academy (ATAC) and in the representation of ESA on the ATV Operational Planning at International Partner level.

As ESA lead on ATAC, he/she will manage the overall organisation of the ATV-CC technical training program, with the objective to train and qualify the ATV-CC operational team for upcoming ATV missions, and in performing the following tasks:

  • Analyse the training needs and requirements of the different ATV-CC operational team positions
  • Define the training program content, schedule, training courses content and lesson objectives and facilitate the reconciliation of planning conflicts
  • Ensure the setup of the required resources for training course development and delivery
  • Supervise the Contractor in the training courses development and delivery according to standards, requirements and schedule
  • Participate in the development of simulation scenarios taking into account training needs and simulator possibilities and limitations
  • Follow-up the Simulation Campaign progress, Test Reviews, regarding anomalies and team readiness
  • Support the Joint-Multi-Segment-Training Working Group Chairman in the organisation and conduct of Joint Integrated Simulations
  • Coordinate the participation of Engineering Support Team members to courses and simulations
  • Track the participation of trainees to training courses and simulations
  • Chair the ATV-CC Training Control Boards
  • Provide status reports on the training program and the operational team readiness at program level and at program reviews
  • Coordinate the training activities with the CNES Training Lead, the CNES and EADS Astrium Instructor and Simulation Teams

As ESA Representative on the ATV Operational Planning, he/she will participate in the multi-lateral planning of the ATV operational activities within the ISS Increment planning, in coordination with CNES and the International Partners (NASA and RSC-ENERGIA), by performing the following tasks:

  • Participate in the optimisation of the multi-lateral Operations Interface Procedures and processes on Mission Planning
  • Follow-up the ATV-CC Mission Planning System software upgrades
  • Represent ESA and ATV-CC at Joint Operations Working Group meetings
  • Participate in the ATV mission operations:
  • Coordinate the ESA ATV Shadow Team Meetings
  • Represent ATV-CC at International Execute Planning Team meetings
  • Support the CNES Planning Team in issuing the Mission Planning Products

Within the available resource the contractor might be requested to support the Agency to perform ad-hoc tasks within the scope of the ATV Operations Division.

Academic Requirements Applicants should have a university degree in Spacecraft Engineering, or equivalent.
Specific Requirements

The candidate shall have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Familiarity with spacecraft operational procedures and control centre development, tests, validation and operational qualification
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and French
  • Excellent technical, organisational and management skills
  • Proactive, dynamic and dedicated working attitude
A skill in international cooperation and previous experience in ATV mission operations preparation and conduct would be appreciated.