ATV Cargo Operations Engineer



ATV Operations


Required Start Date

01 Oct 2011, if possible before (01 Sep 2011) to allow proper hand-over.





Submission Deadline




ESTEC or ATV-CC Toulouse


Technical Requirements

The post holder reports directly to the Mission Director of ATV attached phase. He is supporting ATV attached phase operations namely first crew ingress, final ingress, gas transfer, Cargo transfer dry and wet, egress activities and internal pressurized module aspects related to ATV attached phase operations. This post is oriented crew interface and human factors aboard the ISS. This post requires on console activities within ATV Control Center located at Toulouse being fully operational in September /October 2011  timeframe. Specific duties include:

  • Implementing and evaluating of significant OPS products (S/ RODF, OIPS, MEPs, FR, PO/CP, OCRs) taking into account the different internal ATV cargo accommodation lay-outs and the related upload manifests.
  • Preparing and supporting dry and wet cargo transfer operations to and from ATV in line with ATV MCI requirements and any ATV internal crew activities during ATV attached phase according to RODF.
  • Monitoring related Crew activities and cargo inventory.
  • Managing ATV Pressurized Module internal real time operations using specific operational tools. (JEDI notes, CHITS, EFNs, Radiograms, Daily summaries and re-planning).
  • Troubleshooting of real time issues as they appear during the ATV attached phase related to internal ATV activities. Efficient communicating work-arounds to crew via use dedicated Operation tools such as task lists, radiograms to be up linked.
  • Ensuring multiple Interfaces to International Partners as MCC-H and MCC-M (Houston Inventory and Stowage Officer, NASA Trash Working Interface Group, Russian ECLS, JSC ECLS) as well as to ESA as (Engineering Support Team, EAC crew trainers, COL-CC, Cargo Integration) and CNES as (ATV-Flight, Vehicle Engineering Team, planners etc.).
  • Support to CoFR, review and evaluation of SPIPs volumes.
  • Evaluating ATV2 lessons learned within his field of responsibilities.
  • Preparation of operational products as listed above for matters relevant to the aboard activities for follow on ATV including updates of relevant operational products based on lessons learned of previous ATVs in order to ensure mission success for the upcoming ATVs.
This position is at the ESA Team in Toulouse.


Academic Requirements

Applicants should have a university degree or equivalent qualification in engineering with good background on mathematics.


Specific Requirements Candidates should have a demonstrated good background of several years in human spacecraft mission preparation, human factors in microgravity and flight operations including on console activities. Furthermore, knowledge of the ISS and ATV-CC operational environment and related interfaces is considered as an asset. The operation language is English.
Candidates should be able to work autonomously as well as in a multidisciplinary multinational and inter-agency team environment and be experienced in technical negotiations. They should be system minded, demonstrate good organisational skills, attention to detail and have flexibility to respond to new technical challenges as needed.
The working languages of the European Space Agency are English and French. A good knowledge of one of these two languages is required. Knowledge of another member state language is an asset.

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