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Collision avoidance manoeuvre of Prisma

Prisma close encounterAn acute manoeuvre of the Prisma satellites have been performed to avoid collision with an object named COSMOS 2251 DEB. The object is one of numerous debris items resulting from the collision between an Iridium satellite and the COSMOS satellite last year.

SSC's Prisma mission control team was warned one day ahead by the United States Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) that at 22.59 on 6 July,  Prisma would be only 144 m from the debris.  

It took 10 seconds of thrust at the exact time by the hydrazine propulsion system to push Prisma out of the risk zone. In the end, Prisma passed more than 2 km away from the COSMOS debris.

The two Prisma satellites Mango and Tango are still clamped together in launch configuration. All systems have been verified, and the team is now preparing the separation of the two satellites in early August.

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