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Spacecraft Operations Engineer (AOC Subsystem)
Project Galileo LEOP Sevices
Required Stat Date End August 2010
Duration Galileo IOV & FOC LEOPs + 3 months
Submission Deadline 16.07.2010
Location ESOC
Technical Requirements General
The holder of this post will report to the ESOC Galileo Spacecraft Operations Manager.

The Galileo LEOP operations will be carried out by a team comprising CNES and ESOC engineers. The plan is for LEOPs to take place alternately at CNES Toulouse and ESOC Darmstadt, with the complete team taking part in the LEOPs at each site. There will be 2 Attitude and Orbital Control (AOC) Spacecraft Operations Engineers (SOEs) in the team. One will be normally based at each of the sites. Each launch will comprise a minimum of 2 spacecraft and possibly up to 4. The working language across the team is English.

Services to be provided
The tasks will The responsibilities of the AOC SOE include in particular:
  • Close interaction, high levels of communication and intimate working with the other Galileo AOC SOEs who will normally based at CNES Toulouse and DLR Oberpfaffenhofen;
  • Review of documentation produced by the Galileo spacecraft manufacturer (SSEG);
  • Review of the procedures created by SSEG;
  • Development of LEOP specific flight operating procedures and contingency recovery procedures using the MOIS tools;
  • Review of the procedures created by CNES and DLR;
  • Providing specialist AOC advice on the development and content of the Operational Database;
  • Development of tools to manage the AOC subsystem during LEOP – in particular ANDs, GRDs, mimics and off-line tools;
  • Validation of procedures using the Galileo Constellation Simulator (CSIM) and the Galileo LEOP specific (SCOS2000 based) control system (L-SCCF);
  • Interfacing with the CNES and ESOC Flight Dynamics engineers on AOC issues;
  • Preparation for, and participation in, the SVTs. This will also involve the preparation of SVT specific procedures and the writing of SVT reports;
  • Identification, recording, investigation and progression of spacecraft and ground-based anomalies during the SVTs, simulations campaign and LEOPs;
  • Preparation for, and participation in, the simulations campaigns – a large portion of which will be carried out in Toulouse;
  • Assistance to the simulations officer to provided specialist AOC knowledge for the simulations campaigns.;
  • Participation in the 5-8 day LEOPs. This will involve shift-working to provide 24 hour support to the spacecraft;
  • Contribution to the post-LEOP reports.
Academic Requirements This service requires a person with University (or similar) degree in engineering or physics together with a good professional experience of several years in spacecraft and/or operational applications.
Specific Requirements
  • Candidates should be system-minded and able to work as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Good communications and inter-personal skills are required.
  • Expertise of spacecraft operations is highly desirable.
  • Experience with SCOS and MOIS is desirable