Spacecraft Operations Engineer

You will be required to support the Spacecraft Operations Manager as a member of the Flight Control Team.

The core tasks of a Spacecraft Operations Engineer are as follows:
Mission preparation, LEOP and commissioning phases:
  • Preparation and execution of the operations including pre-launch, LEOP and commissioning phases.
  • Review of the existing infrastructure and mission systems and define system and subsystem requirements for the Mission Operations Centre.
  • Define, prepare and execute ground segment validation tests including acceptance tests, system validation tests and ground segment system tests.
  • Prepare and execute spacecraft operations for nominal and contingency cases (including contribution to the operational products such as Flight Operations Plan, Operations Concept, Operations Reports and Database).
  • Analysis and report on spacecraft and ground segment performance.
  • Interface with project group and industry for technical matters and review of spacecraft design, interfaces to the ground segment and operations documentation.
  • Preparation for, and participation in, the System Validation Tests (SVT). Preparation of SVT specific procedures and writing of SVT reports
  • Identification, recording, investigation and progression of spacecraft and ground-based anomalies during the SVTs, simulations campaign and LEOP.
  • Preparation for, and participation in, the simulations campaigns.
  • Participation in the LEOP. This will involve shift-working to provide 24 hour support to the spacecraft.
  • Contribution to the post-LEOP reports.
Mission routine phase:
  • Planning and execution of satellite routine operations, both on-line and off-line.
  • Performance of routine and contingency operations as required.
  • Planning and execution of specific special operations.
  • Prepare/conduct/report on any special operations (manual activity, engineering activity, in flight testing, etc.) incl. compilation of the weekly operations report.
  • Analysis and reporting on spacecraft and ground segment performance.
  • Perform system and sub-system and/or instrument day-to-day monitoring and long term trend evaluations.
  • Perform health status assessment, including: anomaly investigation, tracking & follow-up.
  • Support to the Spacecraft Operations Manager for ground segment corrections or improvements.
  • Updating procedures and systems following satellite failures or new requirements.
  • Maintain the relevant procedures of the Flight Operations Plan.
  • Support a regular on-call service.
  • Interface with other internal and external teams.

Academic requirements: a University (or similar) degree in engineering, physics or similar discipline.

Specific requirements:
  • Some professional experience in spacecraft and/or operational applications.
  • Good general knowledge of spacecraft systems.
  • Solid test procedures, equipment and tools background.
  • Good spacecraft systems knowledge on a subsystem level.
  • Familiarity with operational environment.
  • Ability to understand and accurately predict behaviour of complex systems.
  • Fluent in English, both in speech and writing.
  • System-minded and a team-player.
  • Pro-active and confident personality with good persuasive skills.
  • Able to work in an interdisciplinary team.
  • Self-starter, able to work independently with little or no supervision.
  • Experience with Office Tools and Web site management.